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We use leading medical billing software to provide cutting-edge Analytics & Recordings solutions to meet a wide range of demands. It is possible to operate a medical office efficiently and effectively with our medical analytics and recovery services.



Medical Records Review

Healthcare professionals may find a review of medical records useful for a number of reasons. Obtaining an unbiased evaluation of the data from an outside specialist is feasible. Health care service providers can use reporting to help them assess possible liability exposures, uncover any shortcomings, and defend against judgments.


Document Management

Linking and source management of medical records in an organized way. Take advantage of summaries made by experts. Customized services might save you 30 to 50 percent in costs.



IT Support

There are particular IT, technological, and data security requirements for ambulatory medical practices that must be satisfied. Working with a medical billing company that specializes in IT is crucial because they can assist you with managing everything from data retention policies for medical records to laboratories, devices, and medical equipment.


Maintaining Confidentiality

We ensure that the confidentiality of all patient and business data is maintained while processing and analyzing it. Before beginning work on your data, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to attest to our professionalism and competence.


Medical Imaging Analysis

247 virtualsolution Claims uses a variety of strategies to assist radiologists in completing their caseloads more quickly. Specifically, we apply deep learning algorithms to provide highly accurate anomaly detection for better examination of imaging and clinical data.



Medical Record Review Services

A medical record review may be beneficial to healthcare practitioners for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, an expert third party may give an objective assessment of the data. Reporting can assist providers in defending their judgments, identifying potential gaps, and identifying areas of responsibility.


Improved Accuracy

Providers and payers must be unified on a trustworthy and verifiable set of insights that go beyond transactional data in order for value-based care and value-based payments to operate together.

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Our Process


  • Analyzing Data

    We begin the process by analyzing the data in the most significant way. Our analyzation process covers all the data that is present in the books to make sure nothing is left out before we begin with the process of recording & analyzing.


  • Keeping Records

    After complete analyzation of data, we begin with the process of keeping the records. We utilize different software to ensure transparency in the process.


  • Finalizing

    Finalization is done after completing all the revisions and analysis. After finalization of analysis and reviewing, we never hesitate to consider different aspects to provide more value.

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