Final Expense Leads

Please submit your order with any specific needs and we will get back to you. 

Sample Script

Hi, this is _____ with Senior Care Benefits. How are you?

The reason of my call is to let you know about a new “Low Cost” “Final Expense Insurance” plan that has just been approved in state of   “__“. This plan is designed to cover 100% of your funeral expenses. Our local agent can give you a callback in a few days and give you more information. OK?

If YES Continue

(If Not interested /One Rebuttal allowed only)

  1. How old are you.
  2. What is your name? (Customer’s full name)
  3. Will this information on Burial Insurance be just for you or your spouse as well?
  4. What is the best time to call you back, like morning, evening or afternoon?
  5. Would you prefer to receive information on 5, 10, or 20,000 dollars in coverage?
  6. If you choose to take coverage, who would the beneficiary?  (Any relation)
  7. For Quote purpose I need to verify your complete address.
  8. And you phone number is ______
  9. For security purposes what’s your favorite color/hobby?

Our local agent is an expert on this new plan and he will provide you with a quote and help you to better understand how this affordable plan can benefit you and your family.       

Please remember to expect a callback from “______” within the next few days about this plan. Ok?

Ok. Have a wonderful day.

Quality Assurance Refund Policy: 

If the quality that we have promised is compromised and we are not able to deliver what we have promised, then we replace it with the better service. We currently do not offer any refund we actually replace it with assured quality.