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What we do is contact people from your local area or where ever you’d like your leads generated. We contact people between the ages of 45-80 and tell them about the Final Expense Insurance Plan. After giving the prospect some brief information on a Final Expense Plan we then ask that prospect if they would like to speak with a licensed agent to learn or get a quote on a Final Expense Plan. Once we have found someone that is interested and is willing to speak to a licensed agent we then take down all their information that the licensed agent may need.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • The amount of coverage they would be interested in learning about Beneficiary
  • Spouse age
  • Best call back time
  • Best phone number to be contacted


Once we have established the area and the number of leads that you would like to order. We then send you an invoice through PayPal. And as soon as it’s paid your order with be placed. We only accept Paypal as a form of payment And we charge $10 or $12 a lead depending on the size of the order. We work with many Final Expense agents and companies and they have seen a great change in the amount of closing they do. This is a very big service for a very small amount, We have the cheapest rate in the market and one of the highest order to closing ratio.

Insurance Agents can make $10,000 per month by using our Exclusive Leads

How This Works
1- Buy a minimum of 20 Telemarketing Leads per week.
2- Call Every Lead 10-time the first week. 200 Call per week.
3- 40 Call per day. It will take a maximum of 60 min.
4- Telemarketing leads are easier to convert.
5- Set 8-12 Appointments per week.
6- You will be able to run 6-8 of those Appointments.
7- Convert 3-5 Leads per week.
8- 600 Annual Premium X 3 $1,800
KEY to Succeed is:
1- Quality
2- Be Consistent in buying and working on the leads.
3- Make the call or Hire Appointment Setter

We offer Exclusive Telemarketing Final Expense Leads to our Partners who are looking for great peace of mind.

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