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Welcome to our Final Expense Live Transfer service, where every moment is optimized for sales success. We pride ourselves on providing quality leads and a seamless handover process. With us, you connect with prospects who are genuinely interested in discussing final expense coverage. Read on to discover why you should choose us for your final expense live transfers.

Confirmed Interest: Unveiling the Power of 100% Contact Ratio

At 247 Virtual Solution, we understand the value of your time and the importance of connecting with interested prospects. Our 100% contact ratio ensures that every live transfer results in direct communication between you and the prospect. Say goodbye to unanswered calls and unresponsive leads. With us, you engage with prospects who are genuinely interested in speaking to a licensed agent.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Leads

We bring 100% genuine leads to you without you having to worry about qualifying them.

100% Contact Ratio:

We pride ourselves on our 100% contact ratio, guaranteeing that every qualified prospect is successfully connected with you.

Verified Prospect Information:

Our rigorous process ensures that the prospect details we share with you are accurate and verified.

Efficient Handover:

We understand the significance of a smooth transition, enabling you to focus on building relationships and closing deals

Transparent Billing:

We believe in transparency, and our billing is fair, considering only billable calls where the prospect shows genuine interest during the buffer time.

Exclusive Leads

We never resell your leads to other insurance agents or agencies. Our all leads will be fresh & 100% exclusive


We Confirm Essential Prospect Details

We take pride in delivering comprehensive prospect information. Before transferring the call to you, we confirm the following crucial details:
1. Full Name: Address the prospect professionally from the very beginning with their full name.
2. State and Zip Code: Knowing the prospect’s location allows you to offer region-specific plans tailored to their needs.
3. Coverage Amount: Understand the coverage amount they seek to recommend suitable plans that match their requirements.
4. Beneficiary Information: Learn about their preferred beneficiary for the coverage amount, highlighting the importance of protecting their loved ones financially.
5. Bank Account Availability: Confirm if they have a bank account, enabling you to suggest appropriate payment methods and plans.
6. Age Verification: Know the prospect’s age to tailor your conversation and provide suitable coverage options.
7. Nursing Home and Health Status: Ensure the prospect is not in a nursing home and doesn’t have any major health issues to focus on viable coverage options.
8. Availability for Conversation: Confirm that the prospect has 10-15 minutes to talk with a licensed agent, ensuring a productive and unhurried conversation.


The Seamless Buffer Time Handover

Once the prospect is successfully connected to you, we provide a seamless buffer time handover. Introducing the prospect with essential details, such as their age, state, and desired coverage amount, we set the stage for a fruitful conversation. Our seamless handover allows you to start the interaction on the right note, well-prepared and informed.


The Good: Final Expense Leads with 100% Contact Rates and Exclusivity

One of the major advantages of our Final Expense Live Transfer Leads is the exclusivity they offer. You gain access to prospects who are ready to make a purchase before your competitors even have a chance to engage. This exclusivity sets you apart and maximizes your chances of sealing the deal.
Moreover, the 100% contact rate is a game-changer. With traditional outbound calls, low contact rates can lead to wasted time and effort. However, with our live transfer leads, you can be confident that every prospect you connect with is actively interested in speaking with you. This dramatically increases your efficiency and sales potential.


The Bad: Unqualified Leads and a Lack Of Scalability

Quality Matters
While the benefits of live transfer leads are immense, the potential downside lies in receiving unqualified leads. We understand the frustration of dealing with prospects who don’t fit your target market or aren’t genuinely interested in purchasing final expense coverage.
To address this concern, we take great care in qualifying our leads. Our call center representatives engage in conversations with prospects to warm them up and ensure they meet essential criteria. Our process weeds out uninterested prospects, ensuring you receive only highly qualified leads worth your time and effort.
Scalability is another consideration that impacts your business growth. You need a partner who can support your expansion and provide a steady stream of leads as your business thrives. With us, you won’t face the dilemma of having too few or too many leads – we ensure a seamless and scalable experience.


The Ugly: The Potential for Non-Compliance

Trust and Reliability Are Key
We take compliance seriously. It’s not just about legal requirements but also about building trust with your prospects. Non-compliance with regulations such as the TCPA and Do Not Call Registry can not only tarnish your reputation but also lead to severe penalties and legal consequences.
Partnering with us means aligning with a reputable and compliant lead provider. Rest assured that our practices adhere to all relevant regulations, ensuring your peace of mind and maintaining the integrity of your business


Are You Getting the Best Final Expense Live Transfer Leads

Choose Success with Us
Live transfer leads present an incredible opportunity for your final expense insurance sales campaigns. To maximize your ROI and drive meaningful growth, you need a partner that ticks all the boxes:

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