Hospital RCM

Medical billing is an intricate and challenging process. Our revenue cycle experts have extensive knowledge of a wide range of topics, including reimbursement rules and standards, coding regulations, and regulatory advancements.

Our Services

Increased income, quicker payments, and better financial stability are all possible expectations. Every task related to your receivable has been completed.


A/R Management Services

Accounts receivable management should be the main focus for hospitals and health systems looking to improve financial performance and operational efficiency. Our goal is to improve every aspect of their services through superior AR management.


Claim Submission

Hospitals looking to improve their clean claims rate, manage denied claims more effectively, and have expert assistance with appeals processing should consider outsourcing their denials and appeals management.


Patient Responsibility Management

Hospitals and health systems that seek to enhance patient collections and minimize billing collection cycles might use self-pay patient collection services.



Third Party Coverage

Services for hospitals and health systems that wish to maximize compensation for all medical claims resulting from third-party responsibility incidents.



Underpayment Audit Recovery

Underpayment recovery services for hospitals looking to improve claim management and promptly resolve healthcare underpayments.


Patient Registration

In order to detect and collect money under CMS’s Post-Acute Care Transfer (PACT) regulation, a reimbursement management system for healthcare providers is needed and we provide that without any additional cost.

Improved Revenue Performance

You won't last long in business if your revenue isn't sufficient to pay your expenses. Due to the challenges associated with billing and revenue collection, revenue cycle management (RCM) is crucial, even for physicians who work in hospitals. Service lines including radiography, emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and anesthesiology could all profit from the right RCM solution.

Our Process


  • Collecting Information

    247 virtualsolution Claim’s RCM performs up to 20% better than others in the industry norm in terms of average days outstanding in accounts receivable. ​


  • Processing

    Claims may be submitted in 5-7 days less time to avoid cancellation. We increase your billing and collection efforts.


  • Finalizing

    Finalization is done after completing all the revisions and analysis. After finalization of analysis and reviewing, we never hesitate to consider different aspects to provide more value.

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