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What is Medical Billing?

Medical Billing basically involves three parties. The first party is the patient themselves, second points at the healthcare provider that includes the hospital, emergency rooms, outpatient facilities, physicians, physical therapist or any place where medical services are provided and the third party is the payer that happens to be an insurance company. This is all Medical Billing revolves around.

In easier words, Medical Billing is a process in which health insurance claims are submitted to multiple health insurance payers or companies to acquire payment in order to take full advantage of the medical facilities, making it easier for both, the patients and the payers. Medical Billing services are what all the three parties understand the importance of and keep looking for agencies that can bring the best of the Medical Billing services to the table.


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Who is the Biller?

A biller plays the role of a middleman in the process of medical billing. Their job is negotiation which means they make sure that all the three parties involved actually turn out to be advantageous for each other in every way. they also gather all the information about a specific patient and payers. By billing the patients and the payers, the billers make sure that the healthcare provider is being compensated for the services that they offer. They also gather all the information about patients and payers

All the gathered information is then compiled into a bill for the chosen insurance company. The bill consists of the important history of the patient including the procedure, demographic information, medical history, and insurance coverage. This bill is called a “claim” on the basis of which an insurance company drives conversions. The health insurance company is then all set for the medical insurance of the patient.

Why do you need Medical Billing services?

There are many reasons why you need medical billing services. They save a lot of your time, energy and money!

Quality patient care

By hiring an agency that provides excellent medical billing services, the physicians or any medical professional in general focus more on patient’s treatment. Which means that the patient gets just the right dose of attention since the practitioner does not have to worry about anything else. All they have to do is focus on what they do the best and leave the rest of the job to the billing experts.

Billing experts

When you hire a good medical billing company, you stop stressing over the claim being submitted in an appropriate and the right way since you’re well-aware of the fact that the company consists of billing experts who know exactly how to submit the claims perfectly and right on time. This way, your claims would automatically have less chances of being denied or refused. All the experts make everything easier and simple for you!

Less Logistical cost

A medical billing team requires a huge space to perform all the billing tasks. However, it is mostly hard for the companies to provide the billing team of their won with the space that it requires and deserves. Which is why, medical billing services were introduced. Instead of spending on the tools and space for the billing team, you can simply just hire one!

Secure data of the patient

Patient’s personal information has to be the most sensitive matter in the middle of this entire process. A good medical billing company understands and values the privacy and concern of the patients, keeping all their data or information safe and secure. The information to be shared between the payer and the provider includes many personal details like address, family and past histories. There are many hackers that are constantly in search of any such information and this is where a medical billing agency plays a very important role.

Increased Revenue of the practitioner

A practitioner may lose a lot of revenue every year due to the claims that have been denied. In order to save yourself from such a situation, you can join hands with a medical billing company that makes sure that none of your claims get refused or denied. This will automatically increase your revenue and you’ll never have to face downfall.

Cutting-edge methods

Medical Billing companies know use advanced software to achieve their goals. It is not possible for any usual company or small clinics to get hold of such software, which is why medical billing service providers make all of the billing process more efficient and ensure 100% accuracy. It might seem easy but you find out how hard and risky it is once you step into it.

Why choose 24/7 Virtual Solution for Medical Billing?

24/7 is a leady medical billing agency that has been bringing the best of the services to the table. It is surely the choice of many due to the quality of services being offered and definitely the security.

High level security

With 24/7, you never have to worry about your security. We respect your privacy and understand all of your concerns related to your security. This is exactly why we use software to push all the hackers, scams and frauds away from you along with the 24/7 human check!

Customer Support team

24/7 Virtual Solution has its customer support team trained so good that all of the agents are smart enough to answer any of your questions or queries. You have access to all of the experts and they’re all just a few clicks away. No matter what the problem is, we got you!

Structured Charge Entry

We at 24/7 ensure 100% accuracy through a systemic charge entry process. There are checks on every step and we are always there to make your experience smooth, memorable and actually worth it. This is the biggest reason why there are always chances errors and denial of the claims.


Simple and easy to understand

24/7 Virtual Solution is one of the best medical billing companies especially when it comes to all the procedures. We do not keep anything hidden from you and every method that we follow is simple enough for everyone to understand. There is nothing too complicated!

Tailored payment options

At 24/7 Virtual Solution, there is not just one payment method available. There, in fact are multiple of them for you to choose whatsoever you think works the best for you. If there’s a payment method that your country follows but isn’t on the list, you can still contact us for help!

Partner with us easily

One of the best parts about 24/7 Virtual Solution is the fact that it does not require anything specific before joining hands with us. There is a simple and easy procedure to reach out to us and tell us what you’re looking for and even simpler once you have partnered with us.

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