Medical Billing

We aim to increase your healthcare organization’s revenue. We want you to bear minimum losses and claim issues. Our offered services will help in achieving these goals.

Let Experts

Handle Your Medical Billing

You require a skilled administrative team in addition to the extremely competent paramedical staff to handle patient records, billing information, insurance claims, and reimbursements. In the current technological era, these tasks require a strong system to perform effectively. With success, health care organizations are now turning their medical billing over to billing management services. We are here to assist you if you are the one searching as well. We at 247 Virtual Solution provide a range of services to reduce your administrative workload.


Medical billing management

We provide a medical billing management service to spare you from boring paperwork. Your patient must provide you with their insurance information. Our professionals will complete the claim forms on your behalf and file an appeal with the relevant health insurance provider. We resubmit the claim the same day after making the necessary corrections if it is denied.

We are searching for more than just “low hanging fruit” when analyzing the billing process for accounts receivable. Many AR collection companies solely concentrate on billing large-value medical claims for elderly clients, but we consider all claims that may still be paid because we understand how quickly smaller amounts can add up for our clients.


Payment Posting

To assist you in controlling the revenue cycle of your business, we offer a payment posting service. We provide an expedited turnaround time by employing a clearly defined procedure. We also offer information on services that are not covered. The discrepancy between the allowed amount and the claimed amount is also indicated by our service. If the amount received is less than what was claimed, we will also keep you informed. Additionally, we monitor payment trends and report any irregularities.



Charge Posting

The reimbursement amount is dependent upon the charge entry of the procedures performed. The misinterpreted amount may lead to the financial loss of the organization. So, to avoid claim denials, our experts work efficiently. After receiving the receipts via the FTP server, the patient’s demographic data is entered into the system. This data includes account number, allowed amount, billed amount, and services provided. A charge audit is performed at last to identify any missed or over-billed charges.

While examining the account receivable billing process, we’re not only looking for “low hanging fruit.” Many AR collection firms only focus on big dollar medical claims billing in elderly AR, but we realise how quickly the lesser sums can rack up for our customers, therefore we look at every claim that might still be paid..


Patient Statements

We provide you with the patient statement service to save you from extra administrative staff costs. Our automated system generates a medical bill of your patient, and we send it to them by mail or electronically. This bill contains all the patient’s details, like the amount paid by them or their insurance. Patients are also given the option to pay online securely.

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