Medical Coding

Medical Coding

Made Easy For You

Our medical coding services are among the best in the area. With over ten years of experience, our company’s medical coders are experts in their field and can handle any type of code with ease. We can help you with both CPD and ICD coding, if that is what you are looking for. Let 247 Virtual Solution  handle all medical coding-related issues so you can concentrate on providing healthcare to people. We at  247 VirtualSolution provide a range of services to reduce your administrative workload.


ICD Coding

We have International Classification of Diseases (ICD) specialist coders who assist you with all patient paperwork coding. To ensure that every piece of data is accurately coded, our specialists examine all of the data, including hospital records, medical charts, visit summaries, and invoices.

We are searching for more than just “low hanging fruit” when analyzing the billing process for accounts receivable. Many AR collection companies solely concentrate on billing large-value medical claims for elderly clients, but we consider all claims that may still be paid because we understand how quickly smaller amounts can add up for our clients.


CPD Coding

Our medical coding services are accredited with CPD, which ensures that we have certified professionals who handle all the codes. We follow all the requisites of CPD coding to make sure that the final outcome is perfect for you. 


HCPCS Coding

We are experts in HCPCS coding, with a focus on all the jargon used in this specific set of codes. Long-term patients receive direct coding, which can be useful for tracking patient records when they have been a part of a hospital for an extended length of time.



Code Analytics & Tracking

To make sure everything is in order and operating as it should, we keep track of every tracked code. We can easily handle hundreds of patients’ worth of data at once thanks to our code analytics and tracking. Code analytics and tracking guarantee process transparency and minimize misunderstandings between our clients and ourselves.


Denial Management

If we face any denial from insurance companies or the Government, we look in to the matter in detail and make sure everything is in place. After correcting all the mistakes, we apply for the payment approval again to get it done for you. We are one of the best when it comes to denial management, and we know how to get every denied application approved.



Advanced Reporting

Our company uses some of the most advanced technologies and software to ensure everything is correct and perfect. Advanced reporting and analytics assist us in keeping records of hundreds and thousands of patients all at the same time. Our strong technological background helps us in maintaining data efficiently.

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