Medicare lead

The success of Medicare is increasing tremendously day by day, so does all business associated with it. Medicare Leads is also a great business that helps insurance companies to target the appropriate audience. There are several ways to get Medicare leads, such as:

  • 65 Leads 
  • Through generating a Website
  • Live transfer calls
  •  Telemarketing and many more

The Govt. of America published a profile of older Americans in 2016. According to this, the number of Americans aged 65+ will increase from 46 million in 2015 to above 98 million by 2060.

As Medicare also targets 65+ age people, you can now imagine the scope of this business.

Before discussing the Medicare leads, let us first tell you briefly about Medicare. It will help you understand more what your real audience is. And you can easily choose through the Medicare lead list which suits you best.


Besides the above three plans, there is another plan which is called Medigap. Medigap is a private insurance policy, and it covers all the aspects that are not covered in other plans. Medigap handles almost all your medical aspects. 

Medicare leads used by this group are also called Medicare advantage leads. In other plans, seniors have to pay more because of their increased rate each year. But Medigap assists in saving money with the same benefits. Medigap companies are also the insurance companies that need Medicare leads. Now you know in detail about Medicare and the businesses that need Medicare leads. Let us discuss the Medicare leads in detail.

Medicare leads are the soul of an independent dealer’s business. The Medicare market is an excellent business with a projected enrollment of 81.5 million Medicare by 2030. 

The best Medicare leads concentrate on quality instead of quantity. There are several ways to increase lead generation. Some are more profitable than others. Medicare companies need these leads to get the target audience.  Here I have discussed some of the best Medicare leads for agents.

1.     Lead through Live Transfer Calls

With the advancement in technology, live transfer calls are the best Medicare leads for the recent era. It is because the CPA (Cost per Action) of this lead is low. The rate of conversion of these leads is very high. Their high conversion rate makes this way of lead most effective and well qualified. These are most capable of converting hot leads into real-time sales. Live transfer Calls are the most effective and best Medicare leads.

In Live transfer calls, the only pre-qualified individuals who are already interested get transferred to the dealer. Due to this reason, there are more chances of conversion. 

The great Medicare insurance leads firms will always go for Live Transfer calls, leads. This lead is an excellent investment because of its surprisingly low CPA. It is best to optimize efficiency, call schedules, preconditions, and many more. So this is the best way of a successful Medicare lead generation. 

2.     Social Media Leads

Everyone knows that the best way to be in touch with anyone is through social media. Almost every individual in this world now has access to social media. It may be surprising for you, but it’s the fact that 84% of senior citizens are engaged in social media. So you can also reach your prospective audience through social media. 

You can make a credible relationship with your target audience by sharing the content of their interest. Thereby you will be on top of their mind, and it will provide you credibility. The main thing these leads need is consistency. You need to share the content regularly to make an image in their mind.

The older generation is now getting involved in almost every platform of social media. So you can run an Ad campaign. If you have knowledge of lead concepts, you can get leads through social media ads or Google ads easily. You have to make a proper plan to set your budget accordingly. 

3.    Medicare Telemarketing Leads

I don’t know why Telemarketing has gotten a bad wrap, but in reality, it is the most affordable and viable method to get the leads. All it needs is a proper strategy, and it demands nothing else.

Telemarketing is a more qualitative lead than any other. These leads are effective specifically for senior citizens.

The seniors required a more direct way of communication to pursue them for anything. In such a case, a simple thing like verbal communication matters a lot. These leads are more personal than others which makes both the audience and the salesperson more satisfied. 

The Telemarketing business is well and lively. With the right tools and lists, there is a greater opportunity today than ever.  It can be of great help for growing sales. 

It is also cost-effective; you don’t have to spend money again and again. You have to invest only once in telemarketing leads. The ROI (return on investment) of these leads is very high. This is one of the exclusive Medicare advantage leads, in which the chances of conversion are more than your expectations. 

4.     Turning 65 Medicare leads

As in Medicare leads, you are primarily targeting a specific age group, i.e., 65+. You can also use Turning 65 leads. In this method, you can buy a list and use records of individuals just about to turn 65. In this way, you can make your list of targeted audiences.

Due to age as an essential modifier, t-65 Medicare supplement leads are excellent for getting leads. But it is more demanding and time-consuming as compared to live transfer calls or Telemarketing. 

Through this lead, you can also buy a list of individuals in their early 60’s or late 50’s. In this way, you get enough time to educate them, work with them and determine focal points. You can do so before their demand for supplements. It can be good Medicare leads for agents if done with proper strategy. 

5.     Leads through creating a website

For the success of any business, creating a website is a need of today. It is a long-term and more systematic process. The website should be simple and highlight your services. Who you are, what you offer, and why someone chooses you.  In this method, you have to produce excellent content for your website. The content you provide will serve as a lead magnet. There are also the chances to create emails and other follow-up leads. 

On your website, you should represent your company in the best possible way and as an authority. Make a relationship with the audience by providing them with helpful information.  You can make them know about you and your company. Provide them with reliable info that could be for their benefit. In this way, they are more likely to give their name and email. 

You can constantly get leads every month through these leads with awareness and trust. It is an excellent way of getting Medicare advantage leads. But it is not the best option to get Medicare leads because it requires a lot of consistency. A website may take years to turn into an authoritative one. So it is a long-term strategy that requires many years. 

6.     Leads through Events

Generating Medicare leads through Events is the most reliable and traditional way. The events can be arranged into a community of your prospective audience. You can use several methods to socialize with seniors in the local region. All you have to do is to build trust and a relationship with them. Educate them about your services and make them aware.

It would be great if you made a proper plan before arranging such an Event. Again this lead also requires consistency. You can get what you want in just one round. You have to set a couple of Events to build a trustful relationship. But it is also a little bit costly, as you have to set a budget for sitting, refreshment, electricity, etc. 

There is another option in this way. You can get free medicare advantage leads by attending the Events organized by other agents. Here you have a chance for a one-on-one conversation. But in this, you have to rely on that person’s plans, which may or may not be perfect. 


If you are starting a Medicare business or already running such a business, you can choose many methods to generate leads. Choose the one that fits best with your business. If you have a fair budget and want a high ROI, Telemarketing or Live transfer calls can be a good option. In fact it is the only option for getting real-time Medicare leads.

The methods discussed above are all useful in their way. But the best plan to get more Medicare Leads is “Telemarketing” and “live transfer calls.” Both leads are cost-effective and qualitative. These leads are also time savings, and the conversion rate is higher than all other leads.