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Real Time

The leads brought by us are 100% real and are generated through google or social media. No wholesaler is associated with us to sell us low-quality leads at low rates.



All the leads do not only fill in their needed contact information before getting started. To ensure quality lead generation, all the leads go through the process of taking a long survey form.

Return on investment

Let’s convert your $100 into $2000 together! Your output is always way greater than your input. You never waste your money or time since whatever you invest gets doubled with us!

Medicare Leads

Medicare leads refer to any customer who is looking for a good health insurance plan in 2023. They especially include people who are over 65 years old or above. Most of the people are aware of it and pick the health insurance plan that works the best for them.The people that are genuinely interested in getting their health insurance done and are afraid of emergencies coming up all of a sudden. They have everything pre-planned and intend on making the life of their own and their loved ones better and healthier. On the other hand, medicare leads also point at people of younger age with several disabilities who want to make sure that they have all the medical facilities in case of an emergency or even planned treatments. People with diseases such as renal disorders are considered qualified who are in search of an affordable insurance plan. We value the concerns of the Medicare leads and also those of the agencies providing the same services and our strategies lead to a win-win situation for both!

Why You Should Buy Medicare Leads?

Medicare Leads should be bought by everyone who happens to be qualified for it. It is more like a health-treatment-guarantee whenever something comes up. It has many advantages depending on the plan that you pick for yourself and your qualification for it.

Medicare saves you from agitation and a lot of pressure. With its services and plans, you can live a stress-free life knowing everything related to your health treatment is under control and that all of your financial stress in case of emergencies has come to an end.

Many people take their health for granted and do not have anything pre-planned. This leads to a lot of panic and anxiety when something related to your health needs to be done urgently. This wastes lots of your time and energy as half of the time, you would be thinking about how to manage everything and would be looking for medical experts the rest of the time, risking your life..

Anything at the cost of your life is absolutely not worth it as nothing is as important as your good health!


Years Experience

Raja Qamer
Usman Ahmed

Why Choose Us To Buy Medicare Leads?

Quality Leads

We bring 100% genuine leads to you without you having to worry about qualifying them.


We are well experienced and trusted leads provider. All leads will be fresh & exclusive from live customers

Save Your Time

Having an affordable lead source for your organization saves a lot of your time and money.

Affordable Leads

We’re committed to offer insurance agents quality, reasonably priced leads, and fair replacement policies. 


We believe in honesty and pellucidity. There is nothing that stays hidden from you.

Exclusive Leads

We never resell your leads to other insurance agents or agencies. Our all leads will be fresh & 100% exclusive 


We understand all the risks of non-compliance and make compliance our first priority.

Best Services

We offer the best Call center And BPO services for you and all of them bring the best quality leads to you.


We have a team of experts that are experienced enough to get the best leads for you! They qualify them before bringing them to you so that you do not have to waste any of your time investigating. We use different ways to help you get qualified leads.


Live transfer medicare leads are considered one of the best ways to generate leads.  We use live transfer methods with perfection and bring leads that work the best for you. Our team consists of people who know exactly how to reach out to the people who would genuinely be interested in your services.

We also qualify the leads before transferring them to you. More than half of your job is done by us with 100% responsibility. We talk to different people who we know are looking for a plan or may need one in future and make them aware of the plans and benefits. We then send them to you and the best part is, if your agent, by any chance, is unable to take the call, we take the responsibility of the affirmation and try every possible way to make the lead stay.


Although our team of experts is experienced enough to build a good conversation with the lead, we still offer telemarketer services to our clients. We hire telemarketers who know exactly how to do their job and offer 99% guaranteed qualified leads. They are under 24/7 observation and we keep a check on how they have been handling everything.

We are familiar with the fact that all of this depends on the script that we offer due to which we make sure that the script is always too good to get rejected. We update the list from weeks to months and keep it up-to-date to catch the attention of the leads. We keep all the rules and regulations of CMS in mind before reaching out to people.


Direct Mail leads have always been proven beneficial regardless of the niche. It is the first method that a lot of people think of while talking about generating leads. As Medicare plans are specifically for the people touching their 60’s, Direct Mail is one of the best ways for its lead generation. Many people are themselves looking for an insurance plan and you instantly get the lead.

We use verified lists that get are always up-to-date. We make sure that our experts handle all of the Direct Mail process using their expertise. We have excellent graphic designers to bring life to our content and make it as eye-catching for leads as possible.


CodeCalling also sometimes written as code-calling is also always considered one of the best ways to get the leads. Our agents present your insurance plans to the people who have never gotten a chance to get a health insurance done for themselves. People who have never used any such services are more likely to become a qualified lead for you agency/company.

We do everything in hands to get the best leads for you even if it includes in-person discussions on how they need an insurance plan and why they need to get one as soon as possible. We help them clear many doubts about an insurance company which helps them take a better decision for themselves which ultimately would be a positive response for us!


Referral leads are always, hands down, the best leads. As we reach out to the people and qualify them before making insurance plan offers, they spread the word around their circle making many people aware of it. This way, we get many leads in general who would show interest in getting their health insurance done.

All we have to do is qualify some people and we get many qualified ones through them without any wastage of our time and energy. This is how good referrals work. Seeing the customers at peace and satisfied, we ask for different referrals who would be as qualified as them for Medicare plans. They would then be interested in reaching out for their insurance, doing half of our job themselves!


We can be trusted completely when it comes to the education of the leads. We make sure that we convey your message to the people in the best possible way. We answer all of their questions and clear their doubts about health insurance. With us, the leads never get missed due to lack of education!

We not only provide them with all the information regarding your plans and services but also educate them on how they need a health insurance for themselves. We make them understand, in a very polite manner, that this is all for their own ease and comfort and also for to lift the burden off the shoulders of their loved ones.


We have partnered with different websites that provide Medicare quotes which is always extremely useful. This is what makes us different from many others and all the leads generated through this are always real and are genuinely interested in your insurance plans.


Social media leads are the simplest and one of the best ways to generate leads. There many platforms of social media that we use for qualified lead generation.


We come up with different advertisements to use on Facebook. It one of the oldest platforms and its users are mostly elderly people now. Anyone who comes across the add and finds it beneficial would reach to us themselves.


Video marketing is usually underrated but it works pretty well if posted on a channel to promote your Medicare plans.



Instagram is one of the most used platforms now. The promotion of your plans works the best here. There are high chances of people referring it to their loved ones as soon as they come across a post.


TikTok is also the most used social media platform and has become the center of many online businesses. Promotion via TikTok is always helpful.

All of the leads generated through social media mostly themselves make sure if they are qualified for the plan or not before reaching out.


  • Transparency

    We present everything with transparency and pellucidity. There is nothing that stays hidden from you.

  • Quality Leads

    We promise quality leads and qualify them before bringing them to you for your convenience.

  • Save your Time and Money

    Our services help you save a lot of your time, money and energy as half of the job is done by us.

  • Compliance

    Compliance has always been our first priority and we refrain from using any strategy that might damage your company’s reputation.

  • Lead Quality & CPA

    We make it possible for you to keep the lead quality high and CPA low.

  • Quality Leads with proof

    We believe in transparency and whatever we do is presented to you with proofs either in the form of recordings or screenshots of conversations with the leads.

  • Several Lead Types

    We bring different kinds of leads to you making them all affordable for you.

  • Best Services

    You will always get the best leads through our services. Sit and enjoy having more and more leads every day!


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