Mobile application development

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Doesn’t matter if you’re here for iPhone or Android, join hands with us and we will provide you with the best results!

Mobile application development

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Mobile application development is the process of developing software applications that operate on mobile devices. All of this does not just happen in the blink of an eye and the mobile development process entails building installable software bundles like code, binaries and assets, etc., setting up backend services like data access through an API, and using the target devices to test the apps. A typical mobile application uses a network connection to interact with remote computing resources.

A mobile app developer is capable of developing software for smartphones and tablets and is aware of the cutting-edge mobile technology. A developer must be aware of how to cope with device fragmentation. Maintaining a mobile mindset is necessary for mobile development, improving performance, battery, network, and memory management even more crucial than in other hardware contexts. To obtain the best user experience (UX) outcomes, a developer frequently works in close collaboration with a designer. The two most widely used operating systems for smartphones are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. You must first decide whether to create mobile apps for iPhones or Android devices while creating them so that you’re sure about whatever you are about to do. Since both of them happen to be different from each other, it is very important to clear your head before creating apps.

We’re all aware of how mobile app development can actually be a great source of money. It obviously takes the right development solutions and the right experts to make this all possible. Many people are in constant confusion wondering if iOS can help them earn more money or Android. Well, both of them have their own pros and cons and both of them are equally the best when it comes to earning money. Many entrepreneurs struggle with getting their apps developed. It is because the entire process of app development is certainly not simple and demands all the required skills. You’ll come across many app developers over the internet claiming to be the best at their job but you get to know how ordinary they all are once you start investing.

Understanding all of this, the experts at 24.7 Virtual Solutions make sure that whatever they do, they do it with everything they have. They have all ben in the market for more than ten years now and know exactly what their clients want!

Even when the two platforms (iOS and Android) have certain similarities when it comes to the development of applications, there are differences in the software development kits (SDKs) and development toolchains required when creating apps for iOS and Android. When it comes to its own devices, Apple only utilizes iOS, whereas Google makes Android available to third parties that comply with certain conditions, such as delivering devices with particular Google applications. By concentrating on both of these platforms, developers are able to create apps for hundreds of millions of devices.

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Alternatives for Building Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Applications

Native mobile applications run directly on the operating system of the device, such as iOS or Android, and are created using the programming language and frameworks offered by the platform owner. These include direct access to device APIs.


Hybrid-Web Applications

Standard web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 are used to create hybrid mobile applications, which are deployed as app installation packages. In contrast to native apps, hybrid apps operate on a “web container” that offers a browser runtime and a bridge for native device APIs through Apache Cordova.

Cross-Platform Applications

Although they are compiled into a native application that runs directly on the operating system of the device, cross-platform native mobile applications can be built in many different programming languages and frameworks. These include a single code base for many platforms.

Progressive Web Applications

By avoiding app store delivery and installation, PWAs offer an alternative method for standard mobile app development. PWAs are web applications that make use of a variety of browser features to come up with an “app like” user experience, such as the ability to work offline, run in the background, and add a link to the device’s home screen.

What is the difference between Native Mobile Applications and Hybrid web applications?

The pros and cons of designing apps include you having a variety of choices. It is more like a blessing in disguise since having options can be confusing for someone who is unfamiliar with app development. One of the reasons we advise you to find a developer partner like 24/7 Virtual Solutions is to assist you in your app development journey is because of this. Developer partners can talk about your objectives with you, guide you to the best solution based on your resources like time, money, and technology. Also, they help you create a top-notch app for your business.

Native AppsHybrid Apps
·         High maintenance is required by them.·         High maintenance is not required by them.
·         They require a large budget.·         They are cheaper than Native Apps.
·         You need to install Native Apps.·         App installation is not required by them.
·         They have many code bases.·         They have only one code base.
·         Java, Swift and Kotlin are the languages used.·         JavaScript, HTML and CSS are used by Hybrid Apps.


What is the method that we use in mobile app development?

There is a specific method that we follow for the development of mobile apps. Although it isn’t as simple as it might seem, we have still managed to put them into easier words for you to understand how transparent we are and absolutely worth your consideration.

Deep Analysis of your app

First of all, we make sure that we’re completely aware of everything you’re expecting from us. We discuss all the minor to major details of the app with you. This happens to be the most important step as it is actually the step on the basis of which the entire app will be developed.


Release of the app

We wait for your approval before starting working on the project. When you find it worthy of your investment, we then proceed further. Our experts end up developing the app just how you wanted it to. Before putting it in front of the world and introducing it across different devices, we give you a demo of how it works.

Presenting the best plan for your app

Once we’re done analyzing what your goals are about the app and how you want to see it work, it is then the turn of our experts to come up with a development solution that works the best for your app. Our experts discuss everything with you from start till end making sure that nothing stays hidden from you.

What are the services that we offer for mobile app development?

We believe in bringing the best services to the table for our clients to take full advantage of them. We offer high-quality services that never, for a moment make our clients question our worth or doubt it. Following are the services that 24/7 Virtual Solutions offers:

Enterprise Mobile Apps

The phrase “enterprise mobile application” refers to mobile apps developed or provided by specific businesses for their employees to utilize when it comes to carrying out the functions of the company. It involves creating a mobile application that meets an enterprise’s needs. Do you wish to get provided with the best enterprise app development services? Well, we have the best solution for you to defeat all of your competitors. You can raise the standards of your business by partnering with us right now.

Startups Mobile Apps

We understand your struggle if you happen to be a beginner in the market. In fact, one of the best things about hiring us for your mobile app development is the fact that our experts are experienced enough to make every new entrepreneur as successful as they have always imagined themselves to be. We assist all the start ups in the growth of their business by providing them with high-quality services. We have been working with multiple start ups around the globe and have never been limited to only a few industries when it came to mobile app development.

SMEs Mobile Apps

SMEs stand for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. There are many advantages of SME’S all around the world. By partnering with us, you get the best SMEs services for you to stop stressing over getting anything managed or done. The size of SMEs depends on the country that the company is currently based in. Through our SMEs services, we guarantee sales in a very short period of time and believe in scalability. Since mobile apps have a great importance in small and medium sized businesses, all of our experts are pretty much aware of how to deal with it.


Why choose 24/7 Virtual Solutions for mobile app development?

There are many reasons why you should definitely consider us for the success of your business. If you believe in hiring experts to get your apps developed, what exactly are you waiting for? Contact us today to be among our valuable clients who have never been disappointed in us no matter what niche market they are from.

Expert team

Your idea becomes our map to your success. No matter how complex your idea is or how hard it seems to take you where you wish to be, our experts are always there to make sure that you do get what you’re here for. We take everything as a new challenge and enjoy discovering everything that seems new or complex. We do not stress over the complex ideas from any industry since our experts know exactly how to deal with them.


Effective Solutions

The most important part is definitely the mobile app development solutions being offered to you by whatever agency you join hands with. It is due to the fact that it affects everything related to the goals of your business. We offer advanced app development solutions to our clients making them want to trust us with their precious ideas. It is totally understandable that it is not an easy task to count on someone when it comes to the main idea of your app. Whatever you get, you get, you get on the best way!

In-time delivery

We understand how clients suffer when a certain project does not get delivered in time due to whatever reason. It is more like trusting some experts for the idea of your app and them proving you wrong again and again by giving you different dates all the time. With 24/7 Virtual Solutions, you do not have to face any of these problems. We take deadlines extremely seriously understanding how the success of our clients literally depend on the project is in our hands.


All the apps that are created by us are secure and be counted on. We refrain from using anything in the entire process that might cause harm in any way. The apps that our experts create will never disturb any user’s privacy or make them feel less secure for even a single moment. It is obvious that if the users wouldn’t find an app safe to use, why would they keep it installed on their devices in the first place? The safety of the users highly affects the success of the app.

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