Who we are?

We lead the way to success as one of the best and leading Call Center/Taxi in Pakistan. Our main goal is to offer peace of mind to all customers of our taxi companies in Pakistan and UK by outsourcing their entire business. With over 130 skilled staff on board, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Outsource your business today and let us handle the costs and customers for you. We have experienced taxi call center agents, trained team leaders, and a people-centric environment topped off with perks and benefits.

Why Choose Us?

We make it easy for our customers and help them to work smoothly. The step-by-step process creates consistency and provides a clear roadmap for everyone. It also helps our customers build trust and keeps them informed at all times. We allow you to continue to focus on your business by outsourcing your valuable services to us, who offer the best service to your customers worldwide.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive Expertise

One of the best in the market with a huge customer service experience which also happens to provide great advice and feedbacks to the businesses all over the world.

Customized & Smart Approach

All the solutions that we provide are given keeping all the needs, goals and requirements of the customer in mind.

Verified Prospect Information:

From common, basic tasks to any difficult or complicated one, our qualified experts always have your back!

Efficient HandovaTrusted by more than 400 Companieser:

We believe in establishing a long-term relationship with our employees as well as the clients!

Dedicated PM and QM Control

No matter what kind of a project it is, there is a dedicated project management team for each one of them.

Multilingual Support

Our multilingual customer support team can handle customers from most of the parts of the world.



Once we have gathered the necessary knowledge, we will create our basic training programs and materials to train your agents. Our experts will carry out a SWOT analysis of your company, by studying your competitors, reviewing your core values ​​and conducting a technology audit. Our quality control department will constantly monitor your agents’ training process and keep you informed at all times.

Our Services?

We offer excellence in:


Our telephone service provides customers with satisfactory relevant information with fast and unique solutions. Our unique feature is not queuing but programming a call back option if customers don’t want to wait too long. Our qualified operators are trained to solve customer problems with gratitude and empathy. We also customize phone services as needed.

Email Support

We’re excited to save your time and offer you the best way to quickly respond to customer inquiries via email and get them in touch with you in no time bring to. This quick reaction ensures that your company will increase its turnover.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing experts have created thousands of successful digital marketing campaigns for businesses looking to increase leads, web development, creative content, graphics, video editing, and marketing solutions.
Our digital marketing service helps businesses build closer relationships with customers by delivering personalized experiences. We offer innovative solutions at every step to help you achieve your goal.

Contact Center Services

Enterprises today are fully aware of the importance of running contact center services without interruption and are now investing in newer technologies to improve customer experience. Outsourcing call center services is not a new business strategy.

Initially, IT related companies mainly outsourced contact center services, but things have changed in recent years. Now, large organizations love to partner with third-party vendors to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of business processes, from the simplest of transactions to their core competencies.

Chat Support

When your customers need help, your chat support services need to be available and provide simple, innovative, and better forms of chat support to support your service. Right? You can outsource chat support services with our 24/7 live chat agents; can provide a fast, smooth and efficient online chat service. Our chat support enables your business to provide the best real-time customer service solutions.


We offer the best shipping service with quality and reliability. Our team has practical experience to provide you with the desired booking and shipping service quickly and safely at all times. We work for your trust; Your trust is our capital.


Virtual Assistance

Are you spending more time on smaller daily business tasks and ignoring the important ones? Having trouble managing your long to-do list? c2o has the best solution for you; Our virtual assistant service can help you increase the efficiency of your work by allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Leave the rest to our VA!
Our virtual assistants can help you with all the administrative tasks of your organization so you can relax and focus on core areas and grow your business.

Inbound Call Center Services

Our Inbound Call Center Services enable you to build long-term relationships with your customers because we are the leading star in the contact center sky. c2o Inbound Contact Center Services also offer impeccable customer service while relieving your internal team. And when you want happier customers and better results, c2o is the partner you can trust for UK outsourced customer service.

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